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Today's Comic - Monday, December 24, 2001

This little bit of omake-ish doodling is an accurate representation of a punk concert at a local youth center where my sis Bridg works... The band playing kicked some serious butt; they're all only like 16 years old, but they sound tighter than a lot of PROS i've heard! They do their own songs, and I'm not kidding when i say that the guitarist is INCREDIBLE -- he knows just about EVERY song on the face of the planet, in ANY style you could name!

Anywho, the shame of the night was that here are these two cool bands (SUBLIMINAL being the one i talked about), and only like 20 or 30 kids showed up for it... I was there because they needed volunteers (it was all a FREE gig for the kids), and my "job" was an easy one -- watch the emergency exit door to make sure no one went through,in or out...

So, being the lazy bum i am, and not wanting to look like i was some sort of "evil bouncer type", i grabbed me a chair, which happened to be this funky shopping-cart-turned-chair dealie that was the comfiest thing i have EVER sat in in my entire life. I dunno who thought it up,but man, it was comfy.

The only drawback to my volunteer "duty"? I couldn't go dance away with my sis. Of course, some of the kids DID start to key in on her vibe eventually, and joined in, which just goes to show you how cool and infectuous the energy of this this 26-year-old hippie chick of a sister really IS. ^_^

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