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Today's Comic - Monday, January 14, 2002

A little confused by the "Not Board" bit? Well, it's a nigh-in-joke I started that has been going on in the various message boards for a LONG time, now... Without explaining it too much, I'll just point you to these links here -- the first webcomic appearance of "Not Damonk" (for an entire Avalon guest week I drew for Josh), and the precedent set in FRAMED!!! a few months ago when Allison first saw Ron wearing a wig and sporting his goatee... (although the entire month of April 2001, when i had been kidnapped by "NOT SCRUBBO" is a perfect example, too!)

Mind you, all this is really just a rip-off of a Star Trek episode which has been ripped-off by many other toonists besides me, including South Park (here! want some Evil Cartman pics or a vid clip of the best song in the world?) and PvP...

Hope that clears things up a bit... ^_^

Oh, and if any of you are wondering why Harv and Sign called Mike a nekkid guy, they were referring to some real oldskool FRAMED, when he first appeared... The housecoat didn't come until later -- that filching bastard!

(The current storyline starts here)
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