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Damonk's Spiffy New Discoveries!

Fred the Clown -- Oh my GOD but this is insanely hilarious! Great comic strip art with an absolutely crazy character you just have to see to believe!! So GO READ NOW!!.
Cat and Girl -- Very loopy humour! It was a popular votegetter in the 200 CCAwards, and I can see why!
Bean's Song -- Seems to have gone dormant since August, but it's a great serial tale in page format with wonderful pro-like art. Fantasy lovers, take a look!

...and a Classic Damonk Favorite! (Discovery #15!)
-- No, I'm not going to stop plugging this guy -- he's an out-and-out veritable comic strip genius who is years ahewad of his time! He is a master of the quick doodle, and adept in the art of the nonsequitor and asinine. Folks, I swear to you that this boy is going to make a lasting mark on the comic world one day.

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2002 -- What the hell is going on!?

Am I losing my mind or is something going screwy here with my beloved comic stri

Of all the comics I read this mo