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Today's Comic - Wednesday, March 7, 2001

(A guy in a Tuque? What's a Waldone?
check out these past comics for nigh-
coherence, or maybe even a nice cheese
sandwich, with extra cheese?)
October 13, 2000
December 11, 2000 (read the entire week!)
February 1, 2001
Some kinda crazy crossoverin's goin' on here. I'd go harrass the fine people at No Stereotypes for some answers if I were you!

And hey, was that a perectly good Purple Duck Mambo duck Damonk threw away?

[EDIT SEPT. 24, 2003: It appears that Glych has removed the entirety of "No Stereotypes" from her site, which unfortunately means that you can't see the other half of this cross-over. Hopefully, you'll still be able to enjoy this side of it?]

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