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Today's Comic - Wednesday, January 2, 2002

The holiday doodles continue with this, a little doodle reenactment of an actual convo my sister Vern had with my mom one evening after she came home from work. As shown in the doodle, she basically just walked in the living room to find my mom and a friend (who has now been positively identified as her buddy Rosa) completely sloshed out of their minds on red wine. My sis laughed at my mom's slurred greeting, and remarked at their drunkenness, to which my mom honestly replied exactly as depicted in the doodle -- "Thash's hsimposshible, Verrrn! I onllly hadjsh TWO glasshes tonightsh!"

These glasses can hold half a liter of wine. I measured. They are quite honestly the Claymores of the wine glass family -- huge, unweildy, and can pack lot of punch. Well, that is, if you prefer punch over red wine.

Now if only I could find me a nice 60oz beer mug, I'd be as set as my mom. Oh wait. They call those pitchers.

Carry on.

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