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Today's Comic - Thursday, January 3, 2002

Okay, now this was just TOO funny NOT to share. I didn't draw this, nor did I think it up -- this is 100% reality, folks!

My dad works as a Correctional Officer at Dorchester Pen, a federal prison that's been around for ages. Anywho, this morning, my sister asks me if I've seen this cookbook that Dad brought home from work recently, and she pulls out what I've scanned in for you to see, an honest-to-god Prison Cookbook with recipes collected from workers and inmates alike.

But that cover is just priceless. I mean, a Gingerbread Prisoner?

I swear, I must have laughed like a madman for more than five minutes over that. Sometimes reality is way funnier than anything I could ever dream up.

"I sentence you to death by stomach acid, after a good beheading. And a drowning in wholesome, cool, refreshing milk."

I wonder if they have to wear prison-issue icing?

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